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How do financial institutions leverage Dell Boomi platform?

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The financial sector is moving at a fast pace towards digital transformation and technology innovation for managing people, data, and processes. The Dell Boomi integration platform will optimize the workflows across banking and financial institutions, thereby reimagining complete transaction cycles and optimizing an omni-channel experience for customers. When it comes to business agility and customer focus, the Dell Boomi platform plays a key role in connecting disparate data and applications. A financial institution will be in an advantageous position to handle market conditions, pressures from competitors, and shift in buyer trends.

Superior Customer Experience

With innovative means of customer engagements across product lines spread across the social and mobile platforms, insurance companies can cross-sell and gain close more deals backed up by rich customer experience. Connecting people with data by virtue of the Boomi platform, marketers are offered a 360-degree view of the customers.

Transition from legacy systems

Enterprises can gain mileage from Boomi-driven workflows as well as master records of all the data by connecting legacy systems to the cloud and preserving the mission-critical investments stored across the respective financial applications. This helps them improve the level of agility and adherence to regulations in a dynamic business environment.

Accelerate entire change management

Integration enables the complete series of changes right from the banking PSD2 revolution to leveraging blockchain and AI. Firms will now be able to quickly merge assets in the aftermath of mergers and takeovers, and maintain the desired level of customer satisfaction and minimize risk.

Refine data security and governance

Firms will be spared most of the concerns arising from compliance and governance issues. The Dell Boomi data quality standards are in line with international regulations and governance framework for financial services, leading to efficient storage and retrieval of clean data across business applications.

Integration driven by futuristic outlook

By connecting a combination of cloud-based and legacy on-premise systems, financial organizations can leverage the benefits of a cloud-native integration platform. Financial institutions and banks have scaled their capabilities in terms of minimizing risk, analyzing profitability, and extending an enhanced level of customer service.

The functional benefits apart, the Boomi integration offers strategic interoperability between several legacy environments, thereby improving agility across financial applications to prepare against acute business challenges.

Firms can create more data-driven insights that enable moving with a paradigm shift and cultivate protection against risk in the niche financial market. Speed, as well as flexibility, will serve as the vital ingredients of the iPaaS Boomi platform.

To sum it up, the Boomi platform offers a bundle of clear-cut advantages

  • Accomplish integration within a low cost and short timeline
  • Deploy critical processes at proximity with the customers
  • Adapt to changing business needs and market dynamics
  • Real-time insights with critical impact across the business
  • Single-instant and multi-tenant cloud-based architecture
  • Integrity and quality of data generated across enterprise

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