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AI components driving collaborated integration for Boomi user community

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Since the last decade during which Boomi started as the conventional PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) integration solution, the focus has lately shifted to leverage intelligence with the core objective of connecting data, architecture, and processes. AI has been relied on as a sustaining technology that should boost efficacy throughout a given value-chain of integration software.

The Boomi user community can now rely on AI-powered components for intelligent data mapping and resolution of issues or queries. These help in identifying unsuccessful integration processes and possible ways to mend it, with a personalized error resolution. Further, the user community is empowered to collaborate with the powerful ‘connector query filter’ feature aimed at efficient query filtering. This capability reduces the configuration of query operations to two clicks, allowing users of all levels to be more efficient.

The current setup is understandably driven by three basic and essential elements. The intelligence of the platform continuously strives towards the core objective of success. These components help Boomi users ultimately unify their digital ecosystems and reap the fruits of powerful integration.

AI Fuel

When we talk about AI, data needs to be injected in huge volumes. The context of ‘fuel’ in AI is indeed the data. AI is thus powered to perform well enough when it is driven by abundant data in real-time. Infusing the AI engine with the right data ensures the system meets its goals and performs the intended actions.

Over 9,000 customers have chosen Boomi as their integration partner - the firm says, which boosts their intelligence engine with massive amounts of user-generated data. Boomi cloud-based integration capabilities are driven around 30 terabytes of business and metadata collected from about 15 years of client service. The user community is can readily choose the best integration methodology that suits specific architectures and individual platforms.

AI Engine

As part of the unified digital ecosystem, intelligent integration is powered by validated algorithms that are free of bias. An AI engine plays a crucial role in validating data models and eliminating bias. It is also significant in giving real-time suggestions for mapping functions across the vast sets of data. With data-mapping suggestions and associated confidence rankings, users can decide on mapping functions that are optimal. Boomi also emphasizes on customization to suit varied IT environments, supported by a hybrid intelligence model that would combine best practices along with the knowledge perspective.

AI Usage Model

The kind of intelligence that Boomi incorporates for the user community is not stand-alone. It is rather ‘native’ to the individual architecture that should provide an experience that is enabled seamlessly when and where a user needs it. The Boomi AI initiatives are thus aimed at playing a crucial role in helping out each of the users across their journeys.

When it comes to the Usage model, Boomi offers the user community to choose from specific intelligence capabilities, so as to accomplish streamlined business results. They can also opt away from sharing their metadata to the community in any instance.

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