Oct 06

By Gopi Krishna

How RPA plays an important role in Integration

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RPA is based on robot software that is designed to automate routine tasks like email routing and response, conducting finance checks, data entry in financial, HR related tasks and similar manual work. RPA is already helping organizations to improve speed, reduce costly human labour, minimize errors and help personnel to focus on other important tasks.

RPA’s Need for Integration

RPA has its own challenges and Governance is biggest complexity, as we’re talking about many robots and making sure they do not go rogue. Another challenge is that it would be difficult to improve an RPA process once it’s up and running.


Security should also be considered as a concern as bots may be used in processes that involve highly sensitive data and it could be difficult to keep RPA to sync as application UI evolve, since RPA is generally quite code-centric and can require significant rework and often by implementation partner experts, to accommodate changes.

RPA and Integrations

Integration is yet another key consideration for RPA and here the question is - does Boomi have a role in RPA? Yes, it has a major role to play because RPA depends on data, API’s and work-flow automation, which is being handled in Boomi’s platform. If more enterprises adopt RPA, then there will be huge demand for building more integrations and also to exchange data between RPA and applications.

It is important to that RPA automates what traditionally have been human are doing. It does not automate the integration that’s required for RPA systems to deliver and exchange information, moreover RPA depends on integration to live up to its potential. This should be of interest to any enterprise looking to use the RPA. In addition, vendors of traditional business applications are building RPA capabilities into their technology which can help in automating processes.

Like other emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and IOT, RPA is gradually maturing and may take different forms that are difficult to envision. It is clearly evident that integration, workflows and API will be essential for businesses and technology vendors to capitalize the potential of RPA technology.

There is a need for RPA to analyse and interpret data between ERP and CRM systems to introduce new automation into a different process. Boomi Integrations can be readily embedded in RPA automation to ensure that data is accurate, synchronized and up-to-date.

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