Leading India’s Financial Services Industry

A prominent diversified financial services conglomerate in India, our client offers a wide range of financial products and services globally, catering to corporations, institutions, and individuals.

Streamlining Complex Financial Processes

Faced with the challenge of producing Annual Financial Reports across 40 departments and multiple business entities, the client struggled with time-consuming processes, data inaccuracy, and operational inefficiencies.

Overcoming Reporting Hurdles

Key challenges included limited control over distributed data, manual consolidation issues, non-standardized data entry, and extensive manual labor, leading to delayed and inaccurate financial reports.

Setting New Standards in Financial Reporting

Our objectives were to simplify data entry templates, centralize data management, automate report building and data validation, and facilitate easy report export in user-friendly formats.

Innovative Technology Integration

Leveraging SharePoint, Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI, RBT crafted a seamless solution, standardizing templates, automating processes, and ensuring accurate, real-time data validation and reporting.

Transformative Outcomes for Financial Reporting

The solution significantly enhanced efficiency, achieving 99.9% accuracy in financial reporting, aligning all stakeholders to standardized processes, and amplifying the client's overall efficiency and profitability.

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