Kentico EMS Marketing Segmentation Quick Start Guide

Segmentation is the marketing practice of dividing a customer base into similar groups based psychographic or behavioural attributes. Segmentation allows a company to optimize product offerings, marketing and sales approaches to meet the specific requirements of defined segments.

Applying segmentation allows companies to target groups more efficiently and allocate marketing resources effectively.  Segmentation is not a specific customer list or a set of contacts. It’s based on a cross section of all customers.

Techniques of Segmentation :

  • Align marketing and sales to identify the profile of your ideal customer
  • Identify the scope of your market to understand your customer base
  • Align sales and marketing to prioritize the most important segments
  • Create contact groups manually based on key segmentation markers
  • Perform a competitive analysis to understand your competition
  • Dynamically assign contact groups based on key demographic markers
  • Use personalization for key segments
  • Use email marketing to leverage segmentation
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