Kentico EMS Marketing - Marketing Automation Quick Start Guide

Marketing automation provides repeatable marketing processes, closed loop marketing analysis, automated multi-channel execution and customer segmentation. The goal of marketing automation is to transform raw leads into sales ready leads in a consistent and repeatable process and helps to bridge the gap between lead generation activities and follow up by sales.

Marketing automation is not simple lead generation, email marketing, or a CRM. It’s much more than that. When marketing automation is combined with the right people and processes it delivers sales ready leads using a repeatable and automated process.

Marketing automation enables marketers to fully understand, develop and implement strategic marketing plans. This delivers better educated and sales ready leads in an automated and repeatable process. Marketing automation also provides information across all phases of the marketing process including demand generation, lead management, lead scoring, lead nurturing, lead generation, and campaign analysis.

Techniques of Marketing Automation :

  • Align marketing and sales to determine what constitutes a sales ready lead.
  • Determine a score threshold that will indicate a sales ready lead
  • Define key goals and metrics that define success
  • Assign lead scores based on rules assigned to activities data such as the online behaviors of anonymous and known visitors
  • Set up alerts for the sales when certain lead score thresh holds are met.
  • Explore multiple scoring scenarios to gain greater insights into a leads level of interest in different products or campaigns.
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