Kentico CMS Security

As Kentico is one of the widely-used applications, enterprises must also be well-acquainted with standard security norms and best practices. The content must be configured for users in the desired manner, thwarting any attempt by hackers to disrupt or manipulate web parts at the code-level.
Kentico directs users and security experts to identify flaws and secure their websites against them. The focus is directed at providing security for websites in general and securing the Kentico CMS in particular. A well-versed security professional is capable of understanding the complexities of malicious attacks, code injections, as well as scripting errors that could expose the application and its components to trespassing by rivals or competitors.
A stable implementation involves defining roles for developers and designers, along with key access permissions. This ensures an optimized level of access to content and functionality, in addition to avoiding SQL injections and malicious cross-scripting with powerful security layer. As one of the Gold Partners for Kentico Software, Ray Business Technologies understands the security concerns associated with implementation and deployment of Kentico CMS.
A comprehensive roadmap for Kentico CMS security addresses several key areas:
  • Secure user input from scripting errors and SQL injections
  • Run regular updates consistent with latest Kentico releases
  • Setting desired access permissions for data storage and transfer
  • A healthy and stable configuration of all underlying web parts
  • Consistent user permissions and Access Control Lists (ACL)
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