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Co-Reg Lead Management: Leveraging Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Opportunities

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Have you ever noticed that how few checkboxes asking your permission for contact by their partners and third-party service providers when you must have signed up for a newsletter or some other service? Ever wondered why someone is doing that? The answer lies in Co-Reg Lead Management.

Co-Reg or Co-Registration is a lead generation mechanism with the intent of generating qualified leads that are willing to receive communication from the marketers, i.e. opt-in leads. This is also known as permission marketing. Co-Reg lead generation offers marketers with an opportunity to build qualified lead lists quickly and effectively.

Any publisher (or site owner) can benefit by using the co-registration mechanism to generate additional revenues as it presents up-sell opportunities in the domain of his products and services or cross-sell opportunities in the domain of his partners.

Co-Reg lead generation is achieved in two ways: using a co-registration path or presenting multiple offers in the signup and thank you pages. Or what we call Co-Reg Wizard and C-Reg Collage.

Co-Reg Wizard or co-Registration Path:  When a user visits a web site of his interest and when seeing something of value such as a newsletter, tries to sign up for the newsletter. The user fills out a form, asking for information such as name, email address, phone number and physical address. Once the form is completed, instead of him seeing a thank you or a confirmation page, the user is directed through a set of additional, related promotions or offers from partners and third party service providers.

The site owner gets paid for every lead that he generates from his co-registration path, which is usually connected to a co-registration network.  These co-registration networks connect marketers with publishers (or site owners) and consist of hundreds of high traffic sites, and can literally generate hundreds of thousands of co-registration leads per day.

Co-Reg Collage or multiple offers with checkboxes: In this lead generation mechanism, the user visiting a website is presented a page which contains multiple promotions or offers, each of which has a checkbox next to it.  The user will select the promotions of his liking, fills in the usual form details such as name, email address, phone number and physical address. When he submits the page, he has subscribed to multiple offers and his information is shared with relevant marketers by the site owner.

Oftentimes, these promotions are presented as part of the “thank you” after the primary registration so that the user does not feel the anxiety or the friction which will drive him to leave the website without filling in the form. And sometimes, he is taken to a different website as part of registration which follows other website and so on. The user will be shown multiple related offers which may or may not be of interest to him.

In essence, the user is signing up for multiple related offers simultaneously and giving his permission to marketers to contact him. 

-      Mr. Chaitanya Mudunuri is the CEO at Ray Business Technologies, www.raybiztech.com. He has years of experience in CRM space and is also a known speaker for his innovative ideas to enhance profits. He is an MBA from University of Oxford.

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